Paul Asmuth Hello there! My name is Paul Asmuth, I build tiny pieces of the internet; currently with the lovely people at DaWanda Google London. I failed once with a startup and wrote two pieces of software that have actually been used.

Open-source Software

* FnordMetric (Ruby / Scala)

FnordMetric is a framework for collecting and visualizing timeseries data.
Github Documentation

* Recommendify (Ruby / C)

Online recommendation engine based on Collaborative Filtering (produces item-based recommendations from binary user ratings).

* SQLTap (Scala)

SQLTap is a HTTP+JSON <=> MySQL gateway. It performs parallel SQL queries with a non-blocking MySQL Protocol implementation.

* Fyrehose (C)

Fyrehose is a http-based pub/sub daemon. It is a minimalistic clone of Apache's Kafka.

* parallel_cf (Scala)

Highly parallelized Collaborative Filtering implementation. Scales up to 30 million preference sets.

Other Stuff

* Weekend Projects (Code)

* is a web platform and job board for models, musicians and talentscounts. I started the project with three non-technical co-founders in 2008. We aquired a few customers, but eventually decided to kill the project. I was responsible for the design, code and big parts of the concepts.
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* Talks / Slides

Contract Work

Currently Lead/Architect at in Berlin. Systems Engineer at Google. Previous clients include Mercedes Benz, Friendscout24, Sinn&Leffers and — Not available for contract work